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"The Tow" in English

Bruno Poissonnier, a beekeeper by profession, bought himself a péniche, loaded his hives on board and travelled the waterways of France to sell the honey. This gave him access to the world-apart of the cargo-carrying mariniers and first hand experience of boating in all conditions.

Collection : River stories  
Auteur : Bruno Poissonnier
Éditeur :
Dupont & Savin - Translation: Maggie Armstrong

ln his first short novel The Tow, conflict between father and son is played out against the backdrop of a flash flood. Bruno knows how tension mounts in the wheelhouse of a boat struggling to make headway against strong current, and how disorienting it is to be caught out on a rushing river in bad visibility.
The father rues the day he sent his 18-year-old son to the cargo exchange with orders to take a local transport. The son disobeys with dramatic consequences. His choice takes the Armandeau family to the capricious Rhône for the first time.

The towing cable went reassuringly taut and it was their turn to tackle the bridge. The Bièvre waltzed about in the stream, hanging off its cable like a bobbin dangled on a string to amuse a cat. But the cat was the Rhône, roaring, bristling, breathing hard, and striking out with its paws before bounding off towards the sea.

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75 pages
Dimensions :
13 x 21 cm
Poids : 120 g

Cover design Marion Janin

Prix : 6.00 €

Frais de port  :
France :
4 €
Europe : 4.70 €
Monde : 6.50 €



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